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January 3, 2011

This product is no longer available;

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  • Satellite Weather Reception
    Finally At A Reasonable Price:
  • yachtSOFT.com is pleased to announce its
    Quorum Weather Satellite Receiver Bundle.

Quorum Weather Satellite Receiver Bundle:
(also receives weatherfax images when connected to SSB radio)
yachtSOFT.com price:
(includes 50' antenna cable & VHF noise filter; computer sold separately)
bundle w/ internal pc receiver:  $1,749
bundle w/ external laptop receiver: $1,899
...with larger antenna: + $200




Although you may remember seeing these Quorum receiver units previously used, packages had been offered by others who were substituting lower quality quadrafilar antennas with disappointing results.

The antenna is critical to the image capture process.

yachtSOFT.com provides only Quorum antennas;

  • they are high quality,
  • they are extremely rugged, and
  • they are actually used in
    many competing brand packages!
(shown at right:
Micro Marine
Quadrafilar Antenna
6"w x 20"h x 3lbs;
fits standard rail mount)

A remarkably compact,

light-weight and rugged antenna

receives NOAA visual

& infra-red satellite images...scroll.gif (1399 bytes)

Light Weight MicroMarine Antenna
...and sends them to your computer screen...

laptop with external receiver

(shown at left:
laptop computer
with external receiver box;
7.25"W x l0.0"D x 1.63"H)


(shown below:
internal pc receiver board
for desktop computers;
full length ISA ST height)

internal pc receiver board

For wider area images and higher IR resolution, there is also now the alternative of using the new QF137SS stainless steel antenna, also constructed for the marine environment. This antenna is larger, weighing 10 pounds, spans 11" and is 37" tall. It comes with the two 2" u-bolts shown below for surface/rail pad mounting. The QF137SS adds $200 to the bundle price:

QF137SS antenna(shown at left:
QF137SS Quadrafilar Antenna;
11"w x 37"h x 10lbs)



System Features (with Qfax Software)

One Compact & Rugged Antenna:  MicroMarine(TM) Quadrifilar

Quorum Communications is proud to introduce the new MicroMarine Quadrifilar Antenna for marine reception of APT data. The MicroMarine Quad (shown here mounted to a standard rail mount) is just 20" tall and 6" in diameter, and weighs less than 3 pounds! The MicroMarine is machined from stainless steel and electropolished for outstanding durability. It includes a 10' cable to connect to its external preamplifier (below deck), and a 50' cable to connect the preamplifier to the receiver location.

A Compact Receiver:  Wefax Voyager

A Transportable Weather Facsimile Adapter for IBM PC Compatibles that is rugged, dependable, and easily taken from boat to home.

The Wefax Voyager is a complete Weather Facsimile reception system. Enclosed in the system unit is a state of the art receiver microprocess0r controlled digitizer and portable ready power supply. Simply connect to an appropriate antenna and IBM PC compatible serial port. A few mouse clicks later and real time weather images, directly from overhead satellites, are available for viewing and analysis on your desktop or laptop PC.

Unlike fragile PCMCIA adapters that are difficult to set up, require external receivers and compromise performance due to their small size requirements, the Wefax Voyager was specifically designed for no compromise portability. Use the Voyager at home on your desktop PC then simply take it with you in your automobile or boat.  The Voyager power supply allows direct operation from vehicle power.

Unsurpassed Marine Performance

The Wefax Voyager teams with the Micro Marine Quadrifilar antenna and Qfax software to provide unbeatable price/performance for marine use.

The Micro Marine is a low profile yet high performance antenna that provides high quality signal reception directly from orbiting NOAA weather satellites.

The Quorum Qfax software instantly calibrates NOAA satellite images for temperature and earth location. A roaming cursor provides instantaneous readout of sea surface temperatures and pixel lattitude and longitude.   Colorized gradient temperature displays and geopolitical boundaries can be easily computed and displayed on the image.

Qfax also supports the connection of a NMEA O183 compatible GPS receiver to your PC which it can use to automatically set your PC time and update your position for accurate satellite predictions.

Geosynchronous Wefax and Nafax Reception Too

The audio from your HF radio can be easily connected to the Wefax Voyager for reception of NAFAX Weather charts and images.

In addition, an appropriate antenna and downconverter, such as the Quorum SDC-l69ICWP can be connected to the Wefax Voyager to receive images from the US GOES and European Meteosat geosynchronous weather satellites. Qfax allows you to easily capture and 'loop" these images to show cloud motions.

The Wefax Voyager, designed, manufactured and backed by the leading supplier of weather image data reception electronics, Quorum Communications.


RF Input Connectors 
Input Impedance 
RF Amplifier 
RF Bandpass Filter 
VHF Frequency Range 
UHF Frequency Range 
VHF Sensitivity 
1st IF 
2nd IF 
IF Bandwidth 
Image Rejection 
RF Gain Control 
Signal Level Range 
Frequency Step Size 
Preamp Power 
(software selectable) 
Downconverter Power 
Dual BNC female for VHF and UHF 
50 ohms 
Low noise Dual Gate GaAsFet 
Multiple filter 
136.000 MHz to 138.000 MHz 
137.450 MHz to 141.050 MHz (1690.950 
  to 1694.550 with downcnvtr) 
<0.3 uV 
10.700 MHz 
455 KHz 
50 KHz 
>60 dB 
10 dB (software selectable) 
50 dB 
5 KHz at synthesizer 
12 VDC @ 30 mA current limited 
12 - 18 VDC @ 500 mA by 
resetable electronic circuit breaker 
10 VHF, 2 UHF (via software) 
Automatic manual (via software)
HF Audio Input 
100 mV to 5 V p-p at 100 K ohms 
On board transducer 
100 step (via software) 
Smart, signal activated 
Software controlled
Power Input 
12 - 14 VDC via 2.5 mm coaxial, 
main power supply provided
7.25"W x l0.0"D x 1.63"H 
(184.2mmW x 254mmD x 41 .4mmH) 
2.75 lbs (1.25 Kg) 
32 - 122 F (0 - 5O C) non-condensing
Signal Format Parameters 
HF Nafax Format 
HF Black Frequency 
HF White Frequency 
Start Tone Frequency 
Stop Tone Frequency 
Doppler Correction Range 
Wefax Format 
NOAA / Meteor APT Format 
Edge Alignment (all modes) 
Video Gain Control  
120 LPM
2300 Hz
300 Hz
450 Hz
2400 +- 0.120Hz
240 LPM
120 LPM
Automatic (via software)
Recommended Minimum PC
Hard Disk
(for use with Quorum Qfax Software)

Intel 80586DX (80386DX33 min)
8+ MB recommended (4 MB mm)
300+ MB recommended 
Microsoft compatible
640 x 480 x 256 color VESA drive

yachtSOFT.comtm can bundle complete packages for you, including computer, Quorum Q-Fax software, and if you like, pre-installed NavTrek 97 and CD-ROM charts, GPS, etc., making the transition to marine computing as easy as possible. Please contact us to assemble a system that works for you, and within your budget.


Please e-mail or telephone us if you have any questions about or would like to order the
Quorum Weather Satellite Reception Bundle for your boat.

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