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Waist Belt PFD
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Safety at Your Fingertips

World Class Waistbelt Model

Model 38MWB

  • New design makes it easy to wear, easy to rearm, easy to repack and storing is a snap!
  • 35 pounds of bouyancy (when inflated).
  • Sized for adults over 80 pounds, chest 30 to 52 inches.
  • Backup oral inflation valve.
  • United States Coast Guard approved Type III PFD.

World Class Waistbelt Model SOSPENDERS are fully inflatable personal flotation devices designed for boaters, cruisers, fisherman, canoeists and other watersport enthusiasts. Designed to be compact, lightweight, comfortable and convenient, Model 38MWB provides the same amount of buoyancy and safety as other World Class SOSPENDERS models. SOSPENDERS impeccable design, construction, quality, comfort, in-the-water performance, and dependability is unsurpassed.

SOS38mwbINF.jpg (5412 bytes)A durable nylon pouch, available in either navy blue or camouflage, covers and protects the highly visible, brightly colored bladder. The seams of the bladder have been heat-welded for leak-proof integrity. When fully inflated, the World Class Waistbelt Model provides 35 pounds of buoyancy. A sturdy two-inch webbing belt holds the unit securely around the waist and the two-inch Fastex buckle has an audible "click" which tells you it's secured. Model 38MWB has a manual ripcord-activated inflation system with an oral inflation valve for backup or topping off.

World Class Waistbelt Model SOSPENDERS are sized for adults over 80 pounds with a 30" - 52" chest size. Model 38MWB is a United States Coast Guard approved Type III PFD. World Class Waistbelt is not intended for use by non-swimmers or weak swimmers!

Each CO2 cartridge may be used to inflate the SOSPENDERS units only one time. World Class Boating Models are fully reusable with the purchase of a rearming kit. The rearming kit for Model 38MWB is Model 38MRP which consists of a 38 gram CO2 cartridge, a clip and instructions.

Model 38MWB

yachtSOFT.com price:

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when outfitting your entire crew.

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