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Mouse/Pointing Device ·

The Industrial Mouse-Trak
yachtSOFT.com price: $295.00

Finally...You Can Easily Work With Your Electronic Charting &
Other Computer Software While Underway..

And Put Your Cursor Where You Want It, With Ease & Precision,
Even When Bouncing in Waves!

With the INDUSTRIAL MOUSE-TRAK from yachtSOFT.com™


The biggest complaint we constantly have been receiving about on-board computing is how standard mouse devices simply don't work in the environment!

We have finally found the perfect solution: yachtSOFT.com is proud to introduce the INDUSTRIAL MOUSE-TRAK to the boating community.  After interviewing many inshore and offshore sailors and power boaters, we discovered that universally, the only satisfactory style of pointing device on-board are track-balls.  But available desktop product simply doesn't fit the bill.
  • They can't withstand the moisture...They take up too much space...
  • Desktop mice slide away on their own, moving the cursor when you don't want it to!
  • Or you are using your pointing stick, the boat hits a little wave, and

the waypoint you are trying to place slides a mile off in the wrong direction!

inside a MOUSE-TRAKThe INDUSTRIAL MOUSE-TRAK 3 button trackball is extra-ordinarily ruggedized with hardenned case, moisture-proofed with trackball membrane, its internal boards are coated, its bearings and shaft are of stainless steel, and it is extremely well sealed.

INDUSTRIAL MOUSE-TRAK works with standard Windows drivers and has on-board custom button controls, including a "precision" switch control on its face that enables the easy movement and careful placement of objects required by your electronic charting applications.  Not only is INDUSTRIAL MOUSE-TRAK of the best ergonomic design we've seen, including equal ease for right and left handed users, but its large trackball design with fingertip controlled makes for the easiest mouse usage when operating any type of water craft in a seaway. 

INDUSTRIAL MOUSE-TRAK sells for $295, and we agree, it sounds expensive.  But everyone who has switched to this device has found the investment well worth it!  Our customers have discovered how much easier it makes using their computers onboard in unstable conditions, saves space in their nav areas, and provides the extra durability that keeps it working in the marine environment where less capable devices commonly fail.  Greater precision when charting onboard a moving boat, more comfortable to the hand and wrist, built to withstand the environment...amongst the many reasons to consider this terrific product!


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yachtSOFT.comtm can bundle complete packages for you, including marinized laptop computers with the INDUSTRIAL MOUSE-TRAK, pre-installed software including electronic charting and CD-ROM charts, weatherfax, yacht management, along with hand-held GPS, etc., making the transition to marine computing as easy as possible. Please contact us to assemble a system that works for you, and within your budget.


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an INDUSTRIAL MOUSE-TRAK, or any other hardware, software or equipment.


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