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Deckman for Windows

Sailmath has been at the leading edge of racing navigation technology for the past two decades, and has supplied equipment to every America's Cup competition since 1983.
Sailmath's products are used by many of the world's top racing yachts - including the majority of America's Cup and Volvo Ocean Race teams, as well as Around Alone, Vendee Globe and other Grand Prix boats.

Put Deckman conveniently in the hands of your tactician, in the cockpit or on the rail, with our Panasonic MDWD portable wireless handheld outdoor display! 

Deckman for Windows - or DfW - is a tactical program which helps you make the correct decisions to win races. Benefits of DfW include:
  • calculation of optimum routes between marks or for an entire route
  • accurate determination of laylines taking account of wind and tide
  • predictions for conditions on future legs of the course
  • information about boat performance relative to targets
DfW has numerous functions to assist the racing navigator: from instrument calibration to optimum routing, data logging to tracking the position of your competitors, DfW has facilities to improve your performance.

The following are some examples of features of DfW which are relevant for all users:

~ Calculation of optimum routes, with the choice of a variety of sources of information: user's own predictions in either table or graphical form, DfW's special tidal database for popular areas, GRIB weather and current files, or certain specialist prediction programs such as Local Knowledge Current Server.
     Click here to view an animation of DfW's routing facilities.

~ Flexible data facilities, including time plots of selected variables and logging of any variables at time periods set by the user.
     Click here to view an illustration of DfW's wind plot for tracking wind trends.

~ Flexible facilities for input of polar information at different wind speeds and angles.
     Click here to view an example of DfW's polars window.

~ Supports inputs from different instrument systems.

~ Facilities to recalibrate the wind data to correct for upwash and wind shear.

~ Quick and easy zoom functions, including whole course, individual legs, range around boat or by click-and-drag on a specific area.

~ Flexible options for accurate positioning of waypoints, including by range and bearing from boat or previous mark, by lat/long, to an Olympic triangle course or by click-and-drag.

~ Full colour charting; supports C-Map, Livecharts, ARCS and Maptech chart formats.

Facilities for more advanced users include:

~ Possibility of networking, running copies of DfW on different computers, but all linked to one instrument system.

~ View positions of competitors in longer races, either by inputting the positions manually or from files from race organizers.

~ Use of laser range finder to set positions of marks or track other competitors.

~ Two boat telemetry for comparing performance of two boats for testing in two boat campaigns.

Deckman for Windows Demo Downloads: 
Demo Program
(7.85 MB EXE File) 

DfW Introductory Notes
(0.13 MB PDF File) 

Complete DfW Manual
Available On Request.

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yachtSOFT.comtm can bundle complete packages for you, including Deckman for Windows, marinized laptop or mini computer w/ display, and if you like, pre-installed software including electronic charting and CD-ROM charts, weatherfax, yacht management, along with hand-held GPS, etc., and dealer tech support, making the transition to marine computing as easy as possible. Please contact us to assemble a system that works for you, and within your budget.

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