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    Yacht management software that's easy-to-use, intuitive and really helps captains and owners manage their vessels.

    The Vessel Management System (VMS) is a marine database that will help you organize the myriad information that is necessary to administrate your vessel. Data input is easy, reports are useful and attractive. VMS is designed by a professional captain who understands that owners and professionals need to get organized, not learn a complicated computer program.

    VMS includes a separate, sample database that you're encouraged to "torture". Then, after you're comfortable with how VMS works, you can enter your owndata. Te got you started there is a PowerPoint presentation which explains the various functions, step-by-step. Count your beans or torque your heads, it's all the same to VMS.

All pages and records can be accessed from the vessel Management System main menu. Simply identify the catagory or page of information you wish to display then "click" anywhere on the appropriate menu bar.
 A Marine Database That Includes...
Multiple Logs
Engine Maintenance
Unlimited Inventory
Task Manager Bookkeeping
Address Book and Memos
Chart Inventory
Attractive Reports
User Friendly
Power and Sail
Inventory and task pages allow you to track parts, provisions, expendables, spares, part numbers, charts uniforms, manufacturer descriptions, Auntie Hildergarde's dental records...any kind of item or task. Data entry is easy too. Type an entry once in a "drop down box" and it's available as a "point and shoot" choice on all subsequent entries. Preview and print a full report of inventory and tasks for records update. Inventory pages allow you to preview and print select shopping lists. Just Click
Track engine (and other component) maintenance with custom task categories. Add your own descriptions, dates, engine hours, tasks and pages, thereby providing as many "aged" tasks on a single engine as you need. (Age your records by engine hours and/or time.) Make a new record of similiar tasks at each engine service to create a complete engine maintenance history...print it too!

Use the Logging System to track vessel activity. A single button click will append a new record to the log, encouraging accurate and frequent record keeping. Captain's, Engineer's, and Interior are included.

The Transaction Page is much like a simple bank check. Enter your deposits in Money In and expenditures in Money Out. A running balance of the entire account is displayed. Unlimited accounts, payees, deposites, etc. are possible. Search prior records from the index tabs or free-form search any record. You may print or view sorted reports by Date, Account or To/From.

The Print and Preview menu can be invoked from most pages and is always similiar in function. You may print entire inventories or sorted reports by vendors, etc. Perfect for pick lists and inventory control.

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yachtSOFT.comtm can bundle complete packages for you, including marinized laptop computers, pre-installed software including electronic charting and CD-ROM charts, weatherfax, yacht management, along with hand-held GPS, etc., and dealer tech support, making the transition to marine computing as easy as possible. Please contact us to assemble a system that works for you, and within your budget.

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