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· M.O.M. 8-A ·
S A I L  &  P O W E R
Man Overboard Module

The standard for every stern rail!

Throwable Auto-Inflating Buoyancy Aid with 75' of floating line
STG Techfloat
The Techfloat is unequalled in its design for rescue aid...
most likely throwable to reach a person in the water.

Packed in one small, lightweight pouch is both a rugged, bagged heaving line and a water-activated device which will provide 25 lbs. of buoyancy after inflation.   Whether or not you have a M.O.M. or other "sling" device, the Tehchfloat is invaluable.  A number of trained rescue agencies have adopted the Techfloat as their primary water rescue device for open waters, harbors, lakes, pools and beaches.

SS Bracket: $ 45.00, Repack Kit: $21.00


With the introduction of the original Man Overboard Module System in 1978 SurvivalTechnologies Group set new standards in the design of equipment to aid in the recovery of a person overboard. Continuously improved and upgraded over the years since its' introduction allows the latest verson of the MOM8-A to maintain its' leadership in ManOverboard equipment.


Includes rail mount hardware.
2004 retail: $895.00


The MOM8-A is a completely self-contained system consisting of a rugged polyethylene canister (complete with universal rail mounting hardware), an inflatable horseshoe-shaped buoyant device w/lifting straps, inflatable locator pylon w/water activated light, and a self-opening sea anchor, all packed in the canister and ready for instant deployment at the pull of a handle. 

The MOM8-A is a completely self-contained system consisting of the canister (complete universal mounting hardware is included) with an inflatable horseshoe shaped buoyant device, inflatable locator pylon, a self-opening sea anchor, packed in the canister and ready for instant deployment. The MOM unit is mounted on the stern pulpit either directly over the stern or on the port or starboard quarter depending on the boat's configuration. Located on the top of the canister is a Deployment Handle which when pulled opens the bottom of the canister and allows the inflatable devices to automatically inflate while falling into the water. The canister is positioned on the stern pulpit in a way which allows free-fall into the water. Both inflatable devices are fully deployed and inflated within 7 to 10 seconds after deployment.

When inflated, the ballasted Locator Pylon has a 6-foot waterline height. Located on top of the Pylon is a water-activated, Lithium-powered, steady-state light with 8 years of life. The light can be seen nearly a nautical mile under normal night conditions. The Pylon has 2 SOLAS reflective panels to aid the boat's search. The Pylon is tethered to the inflatable horseshoe-shaped buoyant device capable of supporting a 250 lb. person with high freeboard. Freeboard is measured by the distance of the victim's mouth above the water while afloat in the horseshoe. The horseshoe is placed under the arms and there is a quick-connect adjustable belt for full encirclement. Attached to the horseshoe are two Lifting Straps with stainless steel 1" D- Rings. The Lifting Straps enable the person to be lifted aboard while remaining in the horseshoe. Also, tethered to the horseshoe is a 16" diameter, ballasted, self-opening Sea Anchor to reduce downwind drift. The MOM8-A is a rugged and reliable system which, when properly maintained and serviced will provide sailors with the most advanced aid in the recovery of a person overboard.

· technical specification for these buoyancy devices available upon request ·

STG SeaCurity2
Personal Flotation Aid

· Seacurity 2 ·

For information about the SurvivalTech Seacurity2
Belt Pack Inflatable, Please Click Here



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