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Starting At $795


cslogosm4.gif (2204 bytes)CompuSail Custom Software

Expanding The Capabilities
Of Your Instrument System...At An Affordable Price.

Providing the most comprehensive solution available on the market today for supplementing your instruments. Tested and proven worldwide for 15 years.

CompuSail truly bridges the gap, integrating your instrument & navigation systems to automatically provide strategic, performance & navigation solutions.

CompuSail instantly transforms your existing systems to finally make them work for you as you would like:

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Seamlessly integrates with Windows 95 with full graphics capabilities!

CSstrip1.gif (14858 bytes) In recent years, CompuSail has helped race winners from all over the world, including the Fastnet Race & Admirals Cup, Block Island Race Week, Chicago-Mackinac, Bermuda Race, SORC, and TransPac, where in each of the last 5 races, 9 of the first 10 boats to finish were using CompuSail!

EF Language used CompuSail to dynamically record and refine their polar data while winning the '97-'98 Whitbread Around the World Race!

"Set-It-And-Forget-It Operation"

Rich in Features...
Yet Remarkably Easy to use!
CompuSail sends the information you need
right out to your existing deck displays.
A below-deck operator is not required!

CompuSail works with any instrument system with either RS-232 or NMEA output; B&G, KVH Quadro, Nexus, Ockam and others.

CompuSail Grand Prix Edition's extensive features include:

  • - High Resolution Strip Charts of all monitored data, including wind speed and direction, with user selected time interval.
  • - Graphic Views of Start Line & Current Leg, w/ boat position, laylines, rhumb line, navigational & performance data all on one screen & in scale.
  • - Scaled View of Race Course showing marks, hazards, and continuous plot of boat's track around the course.
  • - Target Boat Speed & Target Wind Angle For Beats, Reaches and Runs.
  • - Easy-To-Read Short & Long Term Wind Speed & Direction Averaging Takes The Guesswork Out Of Strategic Planning.
  • - Current set/drift is derived in real-time; "current" effect shown for all calculated data, this leg and next.
  • - Degree of Advantage This Tack/Jibe vs Opposite Tack/Jibe.
  • - Optimum Headings This Tack and Opposite Tack.
  • - Layline Monitoring: Time & Distance-To-Go To Layline, Time & Distance-To-Go To Opposite Layline.
  • - Next- Leg Calculations: apparent wind speed & angle, optimum heading, layline distances, advantaged tack/jibe.
  • - Sail Selection Prompting for each leg of the course.
  • - Timing Functions: Race Clock Timing & Stopwatches.
  • - Dynamic VMC Boat Speed, Wind Angle & Course to steer, "what-if" net effect analysis for anticipated future conditions.
  • - High Accuracy Dynamic Current Set & Drift calculations.
  • - Automatic Course Creation for windward/leeward & olympic courses; utilizes saved mark lists & courses (which can be prepared at home in advance) for point-to-point races.
  • - Automatic Range & Bearing to all marks.
  • - Speed Of Advance, Time To Go To Mark, & Back Rng/Brng.
  • - Net Effective Course & Speed Over Ground.
  • - Dynamic Current (tidal) Modified Courses To Steer.
  • - Great Circle Calculations.
  • - Data Logging for future analysis.
  • - Continuous Polar Speed Performance Monitor: A benchmark that's great for keeping crew sharp on distance races.
  • - Performance Evaluation: short and long term performance function averaging; a quantified protocol for testing sails, sail combinations, trim techniques, etc.
  • - Automatic Time Allowance Calculations For IMS (including PCS), PHRF & IOR: at the press of a button, determines time allowed/owed to each boat at any mark.
Polar Table
  • - High Definition True Polar Tables and Diagrams are automatically generated and updated while your boat is sailing, producing highly accurate (vs theoretical) target speeds; includes manipulation and comparison routines.
  • - Built-in "Auto-Cal" routines that finally produce a reliable and stable mag wind solution for all instrument systems.
  • - Yacht Management Record Keeping (crew rosters, inventory, maintenance scheduling).
  • - PC RS-232 Compatible Sailing Instruments, such as B&G 6/790 (or HYDRA 330 w/upgrade), KVH Quadro, Ockam or Signet Smart-Pak, etc.,
    including Nexus sailing instruments
  • - IBM/PC compatible computer:
    • (a) Intel 8086-8, 286, 386 SX/L/DX, 486 SX, Cyrix 486 SLC; all with 80x87 math co-processor, or
    • (b) 486 DX or 586 or higher Pentium.
  • - Multitasking requires Windows 95, otherwise Win 3.x or DOS.
  • - Recommended: GPS or Loran (w/ NMEA 0183 output).  Differential GPS improves real-time tidal current calculations.

CompuSail Version 9.5.5:
Grand Prix
KVH / Nexus
Limited Edition
$1,995 $1,195 $795 $350
New Prices:
CompuSail Grand Prix now

$1,495 !!!

Demo Available for CompuSail Grand Prix
by e-mail request.
Please include in your e-mail
1) your boat & instrument system types, and
2) your name and address!
As CompuSail is supplied on a customized basis,
please e-mail us directly for more information or to order.
yachtSOFT.comtm can bundle complete packages for you, including marinized laptop, your choice of software from CompuSail, electronic charting software and charts, home office software, GPS, etc., making the transition to marine computing as easy as possible. Please contact us to assemble a system that works for you, and within your budget.

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