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The World's Best
Electronic Charts

Each Passport Deluxe Chart Region Includes Nobeltec's Visual GPS Planner for Route Planning & GPS Upload/Download. 

Passport Deluxe is the only electronic charting package that includes digitized version of both raster and vector official NOAA charts.  Most US regions also includes data such as Nobeltec Navigation Photos, USGS Topo Maps, Coast Pilots, a marine facilities database, light list, and much more!  Passport Deluxe will work with any Nobeltec Navigation program, including the Visual Navigation Suite, Visual Mariner, and Nobeltec Admiral. These regions also include a copy of Nobeltec’s Visual Planner software so you can plan your trip with unlimited routes and waypoints, and even send and receive them to and from your computer and GPS. 

Passport Deluxe regions will work with any Nobeltec Navigation software 6.0 or higher, or as a stand-alone planning program. 

Click on Sample Passport Screens to Enlarge

Passport Deluxe vector chart split screen with included navigation photo of the Florida Keys.
Passport Deluxe Canada vector chart split screen with included navigation photo of Vancouver.
Passport Deluxe Bahamas vector chart split screen with included navigation photo of Bimini.

For US Waters, Passport Deluxe is the only electronic charting package that includes digitized versions of both raster and vector official NOAA charts. Each US region also includes data such as Nobeltec Navigation Photos, USGS Topo Maps, Coast Pilots, a Ports and Services database, Tides & Currents for the region, and much more! (Aerial photos & USGS Topo Maps not available for all regions.  Check region box for availability.)
US Regions:  $249 (call for pricing on multiple region bundles!)

Passport Deluxe Bahamas/Bermuda (covers Bahamas, Bermuda, Abacos, Exumas & Turks and Caicos Islands).  Nobeltec now has the best electronic chart coverage ever offered in one box for the Bahamas. Each region is packed with navigation data including vectorized versions of the Dodge, Explorer and Wavey Line paper charts. In addition, Passport Deluxe Bahamas also includes 15 meter satellite and aerial photos for the entire Bahamas and sub-meter navigation photo charts for popular cruising areas. No other electronic chart package offers this level of detail and clarity.
Bahamas/Bermuda Region:  $349

Passport Deluxe Canada are simply the best electronic charts for navigating Canadian waters. Each Passport Deluxe Canada region contains loads of navigation data including vectorized versions of the official CHS charts for Canadian waters, satellite and aerial pictures, tide and current information, a Ports Services database and much more! From coastlines and buoys to depth soundings and nav-aids, Passport Deluxe Canada allows you to reach your destination with confidence.
Canadian Regions (P1 or P2):  $299

Passport World Charts have worldwide coverage with over 6,500 available charts. These intelligent vector charts were created using data from worldwide hydrographic offices including NOAA and the British Admiralty. Passport charts contain all the information you need for safe and easy navigation here at home or around the globe.
Small International Folios:  $299
Large International Folios:  $449
USB or LPT Dongle Required International Charts:  $49.99
Call for pricing  on large bundled international zones.

Passport Bathy Maps bring your surrounding to life in full 3D!  Used as an extra aid to navigation, they provide valuable information about your surrounding environment. When used in conjunction with Passport Deluxe, you can now take advantage of Nobeltec’s new Chart Draping technology.  This feature allows you to overlay an electronic chart on top of a 3D grid for unsurpassed navigation information. Passport Bathy Maps also allow you to use the Automatic Route Wizard found in Nobeltec Admiral and Visual Navigation Suite. Whether you are a fisherman looking for the perfect spot, a boater navigating in unfamiliar waters, or a professional that makes a living around the water, Passport Bathy Maps provide you with the information you need to navigate safely. 
Continental US Regions:  $249
Alaska Regions:  $449
Call for pricing on multiple region bundles!

Nobeltec Software Minimum System Requirements
Microsoft® Windows® 98, ME, 2000 or XP
Pentium® III 450 MHz or equivalent
128 MB RAM
16 MB video card
100 MB available had disk space (additional space required for charts or other data)
16 bit color VGA-compatible display (or better)
For VNS & Admiral: Available serial port or USB for GPS connection;  If you do not have an available serial port, we can supply either a USB or PCMCIA to serial adapter.
Available USB or parallel port
12x or higher CD-ROM drive
Mouse or other pointing device
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP Pro, Pentium III class 1.0 GHz with 256 MB RAM or better, 64 MB (or better) high-end 3D video graphics card with OpenGL capabilities and a GPS or Loran receiver.
Passport Deluxe Charts Regions can be used with their included GPS Planner software, or with Nobeltec's full featured electronic charting programs,
Visual Navigation Suite or Admiral.

US/NA Passport Deluxe Region Breakdown:

Passport Deluxe Included Data:
V= Vector Charts     P= Nav Photos
R= Raster Charts     D= Data Pack
T= Topo Maps
Region 2: Block Island, RI to Canadian Border X X X X X
Region 3: New York - Nantucket - Cape May, NJ X X X X X
Region 4: Chesapeake & Deleware Bays X X X X X
Region 6: ICW - Norfolk, VA to Jacksonville, FL X X X X X
Region 7: Florida East Coast & Keys X X X X X
Region 8: Florida West Coast & Keys X X X X X
Region 9: Bahamas & Bermuda X X X X  
Region 10: Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands X X   X  
Region 12: Southern California X X X X X
Region 13: Lake Michigan X X X X X
Region 14: San Francisco to Cape Flattery X X X X X
Region 15: Puget Sound X X X X X
Region 17: Gulf Coast - Mobile, AL to Mexico X X X X X
Region 22: Lake Superior & Lake Huron X X   X X
Region 24: Lake Erie X X   X X
Region 26: Lake Ontario X X   X X
Region 30: Southeast Alaska X X X X X
Region 32: South Central Alaska, Yakutat to Kodiak X X X X  
Region 40: Hawaiian Islands X X   X X
Region P1: Inside Passage of Vancouver Island X   X X  
Region P2: Hecate Strait to Portland Canal X   X X  

P =
Planner/All Products          T = Tides & Currents
Visual Navigation Suite          A = Admiral

Features P T S A  
  • Geo-Draw Charting Engine
       -Supports Passport Deluxe Regions, World Charts & Bathy Maps, and all popular raster charts & aerial photos
  • Quilting for seamless charts
  • Customizable Toolbars and Nav Console
  • USB Dongle support
  • Route Trip Tick printing option
  • Free US Planning charts
  • Unlimited routes, marks and waypoints
  • 3DNavigator included
  • Free Weather overlay support
  • GPS upload/download
X X X X  
  • TIDES & CURRENTS - All the Above Plus:
    Includes full copy of Tides & Currents
       -Predictions to 2100; Tide and current overlay on chart; Currents aware ETA Calculator; Sunrise, sunset, moonphase, & more data; Powerful tidal reporting
  X X X  
  • VNS - All the Above Plus:
  • Course Up/North Up chart rotation
  • Real-time GPS Navigation
  • NavBar
  • Autopilot & external NMEA support
  • Twilight and Night Vision
  • Automatic RouteWizard
    X X  
  • ADMIRAL - All the Above Plus:
  • Customizable vessel sizing
  • Track line coloring w/ incoming NMEA data
  • World Chart Dongle
  • NavView
  • Vessel Management Software included
  • ARPA and MARPA Radar support
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yachtSOFT.comtm can bundle complete packages for you, including Nobeltec charting software, digital charts, marinized laptop or mini computer w/ display, and if you like, pre-installed software including your electronic charting and CD-ROM charts, weatherfax, yacht management, along with hand-held GPS, etc., and dealer tech support, making the transition to marine computing as easy as possible. Please contact us to assemble a system that works for you, and within your budget.

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