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Marine Electronics:
Instrument & Navigation Systems
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B&G's Latest Products for 2014:
H5000 Instruments · as the oriasZeus 2 Navigation · Triton Instruments


B&G H5000 

B&G's Newest Instrument System for Serious Racers and World Cruisers:


B&G Zeus2




B&G Newest Navigation System Designed Just for Sailors.
With SailSteer and SailTime Technology:



B&G Triton

And Now Day Sailors,
Coastal Cruisers & Club Racers
Can Take Advantage of B&G Technology:

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The Fantastic Triton Instrument System:


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yachtSOFTtm can bundle complete packages for you, including instrument systems, marinized laptop or mini computer w/ display, GPS, navigation and other electronics, along with our unique dealer tech support.  Please contact us to assemble a system that works for you, and within your budget.


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